Odds and Ends

There are some things that defy all categorizing or logic. The have been added to this page, with explanations.
1998 "drummer wanted" poster, placed in record and music instruments stores throughout Columbus

1998 "drummer wanted" newspaper ad, placed in The Other Paper

Booking Agency contract left on stage during a set at Little Brothers by a random person sometime 2000. 
Booking Agents card, left with the contract

Rejection notice from the Philadelphia Music Conference. There were literally dozens of  rejection letters from conferences, record labels, booking agencies, etc. This is the only one that survived.

Upon receiving the first pressing of MESH cds, they were counted and numbered.

Royalty letter from IUMA, 2000

Royalty check from IUMA, 2000

Pabst Blue Ribbon advertisement supporting local bands in one of the local weekly papers

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