Monday, June 23, 2003

Full Review: June 23, 2003

Review: Six EP by Jake Cansado of Left Off The Dial

The math is slightly confusing.  Four guys who call themselves The Stepford Five.  Their third release is a four-song EP called 6.  It arrived in a gorgeous little semi-transparent envelope with gold printing and a faux-wax seal.  The packaging was very cool, but Momma always told me never to judge a book by its cover.

The bio tells me that I am listening to blistering guitars and manic rhythms.  Sounds like rock music to me.  The disappointing part is that this EP isnt anything special.  Four songs that I cant even remember as soon as the CD stops spinning.  The lyrics dont grab me.  Neither do the blistering guitars and manic rhythms.  Im not saying the music is bad; Im just saying that it doesnt make me care one way or the other.

The singer has one of those rough voices, like he spends a lot of time yelling into microphones or smoking.  His throat sounds even more damaged when he strains for notes outside of his range, which unfortunately happens quite frequently. 

I'm willing to bet that this is one of those bands that sound really good live.  If they can ditch the bar band mentality of the mid-tempo guitar assault and spend some time crafting hooks in the studio, Id be interested in listening to them again.  Until then, I am not.

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