Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13, 2002

Gig: At The Barrlehouse Cincinnati, Ohio with Crosley and The Swarthy Band

Gig Diary: There really is something to this curse we have with Ohio's Queen City. Last time we trekked down Interstate 71, the remnants of Hurricane Isadore were drenching the Midwest, and we drove to and fro in some nasty storms. Even though the temperatures were supposed to rise a bit this weekend, we still ending up getting caught in rain/sleet/snow both ways. Luckily, our shows tend to be the opposite of the drive - laid back and fun. Crosley opened the night jumping from Spacehoggish quirky pop to alterna-roots rock on dime. Cool stuff, hopefully we'll get to play with them down the road. We jumped up on the Barrelhouse's tall stage 2nd, busted out a new tune called 'The Valley' for the first time, and promptly effed up the intro. Sweet - brand new song, nobody knew, how cool is that. The Swarthy Band closed up the eve with some jangly/trippy pop rock. A good night had by all, we even had folks from C-bus come down to check out the show, so big thanks to ya'll. - Tim

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monday, November 09, 2015

November 9, 2002

Gig: At Andyman’s Treehouse in Columbus, Ohio for '80s Power Ballad Night w/The AquaNet All-Stars (Jamie and Ben from The Honey's, Lovins from The Roomful and Keith from TS5), BA Baracus, Rick Pfifer, Chuck from The Vague and Tim from TS5 for the Andyman-a-thon
Gig Diary: I have to admit going into our third 80's Power Ballad Night I was a bit concerned that the nostalgia factor might not be enough to get the kids and the lighters out this year to support one of Columbus' best charities the Andyman-a-thon. Much to my surprise this one turned out to be the biggest yet. By night's end we had raised over $700 for Andyman's six children's charities that make up the Andyman-a-Thon. The night kicked off with a solo Tim Minneci sliding through his downtempo versions of "Cold As Ice" and the Phil Collins Hit "Against All Odds". Hopefully no one missed the alt/country version of GnR's don't cry complete with harmonica solo. Way to go Timmy!!! Stand out performances by BA Baracus, Chuck from the Vague, Quinn Falon of X-Rated Cowboys, and Rick PFIFER were all given. And of course the 80's Power Ballad Heroes featuring Ben Kemp and Lovins, barreled through a few more classics with a little help from Jaime Campbell of the Honeys. Look for 80's Power ballad 4 next fall. Yes we're gonna run this into the ground. - Keith

Friday, October 02, 2015

October 2, 2003

Gig: At Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio with Miranda Sound and Stylex

Gig Diary: The first night of the sponsored Field Studies tour proved to be a sort of homecoming for TS5 and Miranda Sound. We all pretty much got our Rock-n-Roll start here in the windy college town. BG's own Stylex helped with the local draw with their unique brand of electronically charged rock. TS5 attempted the brand new "Last Possibility" for the first time live. The night ended with a vocal assist from Miranda Sound's Dan Gerken and the All Golden's Chris Sheehan on an extended Jam of "Design Lines". Amazingly no one spilled their beer. After show antics included Cortney trying to sober up. It's only Day 1 and we already got Cortney wasted. I can't wait until Chicago. - Keith

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2003

Gig: At Madlab in Columbus, Ohio with Sean Woosley, Earwig, Planet-12, Kopaz, Only Flesh, The Last Hotel, Denovo, Wigglepussy, IN, One of the Clean Cut Hippies, Jim Graham the Singing Cowboy, Necropolis, Full Frontal Nudity, Don of the Unpossibles, Poophouse Reilly, Belly Dancers, Miranda Sound (Dan and Billy) and Jon Chinn for Volatility Fest

Gig Diary: Wow, what a freaking fun day with great weather for a good cause. Got in around 5:30 and caught some of the Full Frontal Nudity set on the outdoor stage. If you've seen "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" then you'll have an appreciate for what they do, pretty funny stuff. Went inside to catch Planet-12, who haven't played out in like a year. While the music was loose at times, they definitely showed a slightly altered direction that sounds good. We haven't played in over a month, and only practiced once in that time, so there was definitely the possibility of looseness on our part as well. Surprisingly, we actually ended up keeping it pretty tight. Kopaz came up next and rocked the eff out, they'll have a new cd out this fall so be on the lookout. Dan & Billy from Miranda Sound did the stripped down thing on the outisde stage, followed by Jon Chinn. Headed inside to catch some of the Only Flesh set. Very interesting stuff. Think Marilyn Manson, Gwar and the Jim Rose circus, and you'll get an idea. Caught some of the Last Hotel and Denovo sets (who both sounded great) but missed Wigglepussy, Indiana, who I will see sometime soon...promise. - Tim

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