The Lost Album and Unreleased Songs

In 2004, The Stepford Five released A New Design for Living and contributed a track to the Workbook Studio 25 Hour Grand Prix.

Around that same time, the band slowly built up a collection of recording gear and demo'd over a dozen new songs at the recording space between 2004 and 2007. Two tracks recorded in 2005, The Offer and The Rest of Us, are currently streaming along with the 25 Hour Grand Prix track at MySpace.

There are multiple versions (one-mic live demos, track-by-track demos, studio attempts, etc) of some of the songs, and over time they'll all be posted.

The Lost Album
Always On The Table (2008 Mix), Always On The Table (2.23.05 Demo)
Gone Too Far
Just Happened (2008 Mix), Just Happened (11.16.06 Demo), Just Happened (Tim 2006 Demo w/Keith Vocals)
Migraine (2008 Mix)
Mistake (11.16.06 Demo), Mistake (7.30.06 Demo)
Stand Up (2006 Demo)
The Offer (2005 Workbook Mix), The Offer (1st Jam), The Offer (2006 Jason Mix), The Offer (Alternate 2005 Version)
The Rest Of Us
Trying To Start Something (2008 Mix), Trying To Start Something (12.22.05 Demo)
Wait (2008 Mix), Wait (Tim 2006 Demo)
What's Killing Me (2005 Demo)

The Blue Screen (Land of Sugar demo 2000)
The 13th Hour (Land of Sugar demo 2000), The 13th Hour (Tim Home Demo)

Mind of An Ordinary Man (Six demo, 2001)
Roof Tops (A New Design For Living demo, 2001)
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