Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2003

Gig: At Madlab in Columbus, Ohio with Sean Woosley, Earwig, Planet-12, Kopaz, Only Flesh, The Last Hotel, Denovo, Wigglepussy, IN, One of the Clean Cut Hippies, Jim Graham the Singing Cowboy, Necropolis, Full Frontal Nudity, Don of the Unpossibles, Poophouse Reilly, Belly Dancers, Miranda Sound (Dan and Billy) and Jon Chinn for Volatility Fest

Gig Diary: Wow, what a freaking fun day with great weather for a good cause. Got in around 5:30 and caught some of the Full Frontal Nudity set on the outdoor stage. If you've seen "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" then you'll have an appreciate for what they do, pretty funny stuff. Went inside to catch Planet-12, who haven't played out in like a year. While the music was loose at times, they definitely showed a slightly altered direction that sounds good. We haven't played in over a month, and only practiced once in that time, so there was definitely the possibility of looseness on our part as well. Surprisingly, we actually ended up keeping it pretty tight. Kopaz came up next and rocked the eff out, they'll have a new cd out this fall so be on the lookout. Dan & Billy from Miranda Sound did the stripped down thing on the outisde stage, followed by Jon Chinn. Headed inside to catch some of the Only Flesh set. Very interesting stuff. Think Marilyn Manson, Gwar and the Jim Rose circus, and you'll get an idea. Caught some of the Last Hotel and Denovo sets (who both sounded great) but missed Wigglepussy, Indiana, who I will see sometime soon...promise. - Tim

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